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What was his or her thought process in determining which pieces to submit.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

It also is important that you allow students a choice of what is placed in their portfolios. Laying down the objectives of investment and the difficulties involved in it The two main objectives of any investment would be the expectation regarding returns and the ability of the investor to assume a level of risk.

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At this stage, the view is usually clearer to the teacher than to the students. The portfolio may contain artwork the child has created, pictures taken of the child during school hours, and anecdotal notes recorded by the teacher. Respond to "what" and "where" questions Ask for or respond to clarification Read addresses or telephone numbers Portfolio assessments Portfolios are practical ways of assessing student work throughout the entire year.

As you know, to feel a strong sense of ownership, children need to be able to examine and enjoy their portfolios and to select and discuss the work they include. If, however, you are looking for an overall mastery of skills, you will want to grade the work collected.

Teachers from another school. The evidence should be put together by the candidate in a way that makes it easy for the assessor to match it to the outcomes of the assessment standard.

I then average all the scores to give a grade for the entire portfolio. There is no one best assessment system for the classroom. How will student products be evaluated if student writing or mathematical problem solving is included in the portfolio.

The portfolio thus provides evidence of strengths and weaknesses and serves to define the next steps in learning. Along with student reflection, that data provides valuable information about how each student learns and what is important to him or her in the learning process.

The three scores are averaged giving each piece an overall score. In addition, here are a few ways that your ELLs can have an active role in the portfolio process: Four key areas should be documented in a preschool portfolio.

Is the work completed correctly mechanicscompletely informationand comprehensively depth.

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This is where related or complementary outcomes can be assessed using the same task or evidence. Do you want to see student improvement over the long term or a mastery of a specific set of skills.

To maximize your effectiveness, you will probably need to try several methods of observing and recording before you find a method that reflects your personal style. By making explicit desirable features of assessment, these three critical questions provide a framework for achieving powerful classroom assessment.

In addition, the working portfolio may be used to diagnose student needs. The two scores then can be averaged to get a final grade. Additionally, be sure to offer students the opportunity to reflect about the work included in the portfolio. By asking a teacher who is unfamiliar with your students to read over the work and assess it using your rating scale, you are making a more authentic evaluation.

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The student log and portfolios can be used for both formative and summative assessment. Summative Assessment. Summative assessment refers to the assessment of learning and summarizes the learning that students have shown for a particular period of time. The primary audiences for this chapter are classroom teachers and teacher educators.

The chapter offers a guiding framework to use when considering everyday assessments and then discusses the roles and responsibilities of teachers and students in improving assessment. Assessments and Student Portfolios BUNDLE for Preschool, Pre-K, & Kinder.

Preview. Subject. Make an Assessment Data Binder! Put the included EDITABLE cover in a see-through binder and add each student’s individual student skill sheets as well as the whole class assessment data charts.

The individual student sheets and portfolio 4/5(K). BSBPMGA Undertake Project Work Andra Ounaid TCWA Assessment2 Portfolio of Activities Group Activity For this activity form a group of three or four people.

Chapter The Types of Portfolios

The second activity in portfolio management is to decide the proportion of the various asset categories in the investor’s portfolio. The various asset categories include bonds and debentures, stocks, cash investments, precious metals like gold and silver, investment in real estate etc.

Investments are aimed at various purposes like education.

Assessment2portfolio of activities
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